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If you run a trade business and rely on your van to carry tools and equipment, you’ll be well aware that theft from commercial vehicles is a huge problem – and it’s getting worse. 

Victims can be robbed of thousands of pounds of tools in minutes. Often, their insurance cover isn’t adequate to completely cover the loss. 

What’s even worse is that the thieves are getting better equipped. While some are still using hammers and crowbars, increasing numbers of criminals are using devices such as lock picks and radio jammers to gain entry to vehicles. 

As an example, over 370,000 cars were stolen in the UK last year – and keyless techniques are used in an increasing proportion of the crimes. 

In a typical scenario, thieves plug a specialist piece of equipment into your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic socket (OBD). This allows them to program a key that enables them to start the engine and turn off the alarm. It can often be done in less than 20 seconds.

What can you do?

Thankfully the technology to defeat their attacks is available to you...
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